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Today, a few hours ago, the Release of Debian 8 code-named Jessie. The new release contains significantly more software – Added more than 12 000 packages. In total, this release more than 43,500 packages. Most of the packages – namely, more than 24 500 is updated (about 66% of the packet base Wheezy). Another 5441 package has been removed for various reasons. The working environment by default – GNOME Shell 3.14.

Features :

Disabled protocol SSLv3, in addition to the included MySQL MariaDB, OpenJDK available 7/8 and Tomcat 7/8 (OpenJDK 8 available from backports) enabled Android SDK Tools, containers Docker, have been updated professional applications (Debian Med, Debian Science, Debian Geographical Information Systems ).

What’s new :

Updated to new versions of Apache 2.4.10; BIND DNS Server 9.9; Courier MTA 0.73; Dia 0.97.3; Exim default e-mail server 4.84; Library GNU C 2.19; lighttpd 1.4.35; kernel Linux 3.16 series; maradns 2.0.09; OpenLDAP 2.4.40; OpenSSH 6.7p1; Perl 5.20; PHP 5.6; Postfix MTA 2.11; PostgreSQL 9.4; Python 3.4; Samba 4.1. Updated basic office applications. SysVinit switched to systemd. Its special feature is the intensive parallelization start services at boot time, which can significantly speed up the launch of the operating system.

The release will be supported by the next five years.

System requirements :

– Processor x86 (running on 32-bit and 64-bit processors);
– 1024 MB of RAM;
– 5 GB of free hard disk space;
– Video card with a resolution of 800×600 pixels;
– CD / DVD-drive or USB-port.

Architecture: i386
Type of drive: DVD

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 Debian GNU Linux 8.0 Jessie [i386] 3xDVD Multilingual – AppzDam

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