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Name: AKVIS HDRFactory
Version: 4.0.470.10195
Mac Platform: UB
Includes: Pre-K'ed
OS version: 10.6+
Processor type (s) & speed: Intel / G5
Minimum RAM: 2 GB
Video RAM: n / a

Angol, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese.
Drag the folder AKVIS OilPaint.app in the Applications. Drag AKVIS OilPaint Plugin.app into Photoshop plug-in folder.
When you first open it and try it choose select Standard or Business.
Gives you 999999 days of trial days!
Block outgoing connections (Little Snitch, Hands Off! .. Or something like that) Disable automatic update checks
AKVIS HDRFactory Creates HDR photos (High Dynamic Range Imaging - an image with high dynamic range) by combining Several images of the same object taken with different exposure values.
The result is an expressive contrasting image reflects reality harm with a Higher level of authenticity than a simple snapshot.
By comparison, the human eye discerns many more NUANCES of color and brightness than any modern camera could record. The HDR technology to bridge the gap Between ENDEAVOURS reality as we see it and its photographic reflection.
The name of the program you can taken literally, as AKVIS HDRFactory is the real workshop for the production of fascinating HDR images.
With HDRFactory you can come very close to reality and to even go beyond it by creating stylized images with fabulous colors and unique effects.
AKVIS HDRFactory can imitate the HDR effect Also on a single image, by creating pseudo-HDR.
This technique also Useful if you do not have a series of images with different Exposures.
Just load the single image into AKVIS HDRFactory and admire the effect Which goes beyond photo realism and opens the door into the fascinating world of HDR!
Also on the program can Used for photo correction. You can adjust color saturation and brightness, and bring out the detail in dark and bright areas.

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