Lexicomp v1.9.2 Move to SD & Updatable till 26th August – AppzDam

Requirements: Android 1.6 & Up
Overview: So here it is a fully functional cracked version of Lexi-Comp v1.9.2. This version has all the features of the app.

This app will provide you with:
1. L€xi Databases (all of them working)
2. L€xi-Calc
3. L€xi-Interact
4. Drug ID
5. Iv-Compatibility
6. UPDATE (Yes you read it correct But only for a month )

Known Issues:
1. You don’t have a working data connection on your phone (Oh man! you are in trouble then Just kidding continue reading):
A. In this case you just need to install the app on your phone. & run it, the app will force close after you select “SD card”. Dont worry thats normal.
Now again open the app.
Remember select “Ignore” not “Send to L€xi”
You will get the whole app.

2. Updates are having some issues: Important
This version supposedly fixes the wrong sizes of database updates. (It worked for me, I request you to post the feedback about the same)
But if it doesn’t, same instructions from the previous thread would work.
Here is the Video Guide of the solution for the same:
Tutorial for Corrected Update Size

Minor issue: Can’t Download Updates.
A: Try Setting>Applications>Manage Applications>Lexicomp>Clear Data
Source: superlik’s Post

More Info:

Download 1: L€xi-Comp v1.9.2 “Move to Sd” Support Updatable till 26th August

Download 2: Zippyshare

Thanks FoxFang for providing the trial version.

Very Important please read this:
How to use Database Files:
1. Download the required Database/module .zip file on your PC from below links.
2. Extract the dowloaded .zip file on PC.
3. After extracting the zip file, you will get a folder(containing the media{sounds, images etc.} files of the respective databases), a .db & may or may not be a .tmp file.
3. Now in your Phone, make folder named “lexi” (without quotes) inside your SD Card.
2. Inside “lexi” create another folder with name “media”(without quotes).
3. It should look like SD Card>lexi>media.
5. Copy the .db & .tmp files in “lexi”.
6. & then copy extracted folder in “media” )

Modules & Databases Download:

Drug ID
IV Compatibility

5-Minute Clinical Consult
5-Minute Pediatric Consult
Adult Patient Education
Advanced Protocol for Medical Emergencies
AHFS Essentials
Drug Allergy & Idiosyncratic Reactions
Harrison’s Pratice
Household Products
Infectious Diseases
Lab & Diagnostic Procedures
Natural Products
Nursing Lexi-drugs
Pediatric & Neonatal Lexi-Drugs
Pediatric Patient Education
Pregnancy & Lactation
Stedman’s Medical Abbrevations
Stedman’s Medical Dictionary

Clinician’s Endodontics Handbook
Dental Lexi-Drugs
Dental Office Medical Emergencies
Illustrated Handbook of Clinical Dentistry
Little Dental Drug Booklet
Manual Clinical periodontics
Manual of Dental Implants
Oral Hard Tissue Diseases
Oral Soft Tissue Diseases
Oral Surgery for General Dentists

Non English:
Medicamentos Lexi-Comp Manole
Lexi-Drugs para Pediatria

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