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Published: Musicrow
Size: 27 MB

Musicrow Modular Dreams For ARTURiA MODULAR V AMB – a collection of 200 high-quality presets for your Arturia Moog Modular V. Modular Dreams uses all the best features that can offer this synthesizer (and there are quite a few!). Classic character Moog here. But you’ll be surprised how for innovative and relevant “grandfather” Moog may sound!

Musicrow CS Vibes For ARTURiA CS80 V AYS2 – an impressive collection of 200 different presets for your Arturia CS V. That all the advantages of classic qualities of Yamaha CS80, representing fresh and current sounds: The rhythmic sequence, gloomy pedy unusual keyboard sounds, Lida fat, thick bass and a lot of unique sounds arpeggios – a collection will bring new vibration in your synthesizer CS80!

Musicrow Classic Minitunes For ARTURiA MiNi V MiNiBANK – This collection of 200 top-quality presets for Arturia Mini V. Older techniques in combination with Minimoog V brought new opportunities as a result of extraordinary Saundbanki that we present to you here!

Musicrow Jupiter Trip For ARTURiA JUPiTER 8V J8E – make a sound journey to Jupiter with this exclusive collection of 200 sounds for Arturia Jupiter 8V! Jupiter Trip uses the distinctive characteristics of Jupiter synthesizer to create a lush string sounds, rich atmospheres of evolving structures of classical and special sounds arpeggios, amazing sound effects, complex sequences, art bass lines, drums, and more.

Musicrow The Arp Kingdom For ARTURiA ARP2600 V ARPBANK – a collection of 200 high-quality presets that take full advantage of the sound and features Arp 2600 V, expanding the sonic palette of this amazing synthesizer. This Saundbanki covers a wide range of sound sentiments, which are suitable for any musical genre.

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