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Year: 2015
Manufacturer: Lynda
Manufacturer Website:
Author: Robbie Carman
Duration: 4h 29m
Type of material dispensed: Video Tutorial
Language English
Size: 1.51 GB

Finish what every video project can benefit. In this edition of Premiere Pro Guru, Robbie Carman THE EDITOR through practical methods to finish the sound of the video project using Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition. It covers the use of trek- level compared to the control level of the clip, the development of audio mixers using submixes and automation modes, working with audio effects, noise reduction and restoration of sound Adobe Audition, and output audio from Premiere Pro. This course includes everything you need to know about mixing and sweetening audio and transfer themselves from the track to the other finesse.


Introduction 10m 20s
What you'll learn in this class 2m 50s
The importance of monitoring 2m 30s
How to use the exercise files 5m 0s
1. Working with Others 18m 41s
Mix it yourself or hand off to another artist? 1m 40s
Track organization 4m 35s
Exporting audio for other artists 7m 27s
Exporting a video reference 4m 59s
2. Track- and Clip-Level Control 36m 52s
Switching between track- and clip-level control on the Timeline 8m 13s
Keyframing clip properties in the Timeline 6m 2s
Keyframing track properties in the Timeline 7m 58s
Adjusting and smoothing keyframes 8m 37s
Adding clip effects 6m 2s
3. Using the Audio Clip and Track Mixers 47m 32s
Overview of the Audio Clip Mixer 7m 10s
Overview of the Track Mixer 5m 38s
Stereo vs. 5.1 vs. multichannel output master tracks 8m 30s
Automation modes in the mixers 10m 58s
Using inserts 7m 3s
Using submixes and bussing audio 8m 13s
4. Essential Audio Effects in Premiere 39m 8s
Compression 10m 20s
Limiting 8m 2s
Adjusting gain 5m 32s
Normalizing 6m 6s
EQ and de-essing 9m 8s
5. Restorative Techniques with Audition 1h 6m
Sending a clip to Adobe Audition 8m 4s
Sending a sequence to Adobe Audition 7m 10s
Getting clips and projects back to Premiere Pro 8m 23s
Fixing plosives 9m 39s
Noise reduction 10m 28s
Healing audio 10m 40s
Speed ​​changes 8m 14s
Matching volume 4m 16s
6. Audio Legalization 27m 10s
What does "broadcast legal" mean? 5m 34s
Digital peak and true peak 7m 51s
Loudness monitoring 8m 47s
Level QC 4m 58s
7. Output 21m 54s
Creating stems with submixes 5m 25s
Creating stems by muting 5m 22s
Setting up a multichannel output using stems 5m 29s
Creating a multichannel digital output 5m 38s
Conclusion 1m 2s
Goodbye 1m 2s

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