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Year: 2014
Manufacturer Website:
Author: Garrick Chow
Duration: 1:36:00
Type of material dispensed: Video Tutorial
Language English
Size: 486 MB

Interested in writing your own songs? GarageBand is a natural place to start. This affordable program, which may apply to everyone when it comes to inspiration. In this short course, the author Garrick Chow teaches 9 major steps in the writing, recording and mixing the songs in GarageBand. He begins with an empty project GarageBand, to record tracks from scratch, it is the best pace for a new song ideas. Then it creates a rhythm, lays down additional tracks, and add effects. Then he shows the recording techniques and combining multiple takes and arrange a song using GarageBand's Arrangement Track. Finally, it shows how to create a rough mix, and then as sbaunsit track and share it with the world.


Introduction 3m 35s
Welcome 1m 41s
What you should know before watching this course 53s
Using the exercise files 1m 1s

1. Songwriting in GarageBand 1h 30m
Starting from scratch in a new project 3m 42s
Recording the first idea 3m 48s
Choosing the right tempo 6m 26s
Making a demo beat 12m 36s
Applying effects 9m 28s
Using the arrangement track and adding instrumentation 14m 58s
Recording multiple takes 8m 3s
Creating a rough mix 23m 7s
Bouncing and sharing the song 8m 41s

Conclusion 2m 7s
Next steps 2m 7s

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