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Publisher: The Loop Loft
Required or Kontakt Free Kontakt player (in demo mode) 5.3.1 and higher.
Size: 778.2 MB

Outright creator bits here. Predstvalyaem Drum Direktor FNK-4 from The Loop Loft. The revolutionary loop player, step by step step-sequencer, drum ped player, a set of effects and the mixing station all in one instrument. Drum Direktor FNK-4 - the first issue of a series of tools designed to give you a complete, control loops and samples. From playing loops directly into the drum pads and quickly create intricate rhythms in step sequencer, effects and customizable to create professional mixes, Drum Direktor is the ultimate all-in-one solution for creating beats.

Drum Direktor features:

The internal 32 step sequencer with 8 patterns, which allow the simultaneous sequencing of loops and samples in one instrument. Accidental mixing, a global focus, dynamics step sequencer The priority group and a convenient location Solo, Mute and listening loops all skvenirovanie .to make the instrument a natural and quick process.
A flexible architecture that allows you to create a complex structure of drum loops and samples, easy to identify colors and features of the process.
Powerful Drum Pad allows 16 loops and samples played and mixed simultaneously with any playing position.
Multi-functional set of tools for handling supply as a separate part of Drum Pad. Users have the ability to set the timing, playback speed, sampler mode, shift the playing time, height, stereo width, randomized, filtering, distortion, speed, volume, and Panoramic views on the separate part of the 16 Drum Pad.
Dedicated mixer for processing each of the eight separate groups with high-quality internal shock effects, which include transient shaper, compressor / EQ, modeled on the famous Solid State Console.
Global effects of delay, reverb and powerful teip machines allow you to quickly and powerfully shape the tone.
Effect teip machines match the quality and workflow mixing drums on multitrack recorder and presented in a fast and easy-to-use custom design.
The internal processor bus master including EQ, compression, filtering and distortion mixes the sound without having to use external effects or plug-ins.
Powerful MIDI mapping tool set up just the way you would like to work with existing MIDI-controllers.
Configurable groups, including user-defined colors and an external output for further processing and mixing in your favorite DAW.
Low loading RAM and CPU compatibility with a wide range of systems.

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