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                                                                Today I am going to share you the  windows build 10130

Windows 10 Enterprise Technical Preview is an early look at some of the features and functionality in store for Windows 10.
The new version of the popular operating system from Microsoft called Windows 10, although the previous major release was called Windows 8. Go directly to the Windows 10 reflects the company’s desire to distance itself from the not very popular previous version.

Owned therefore, was reportedly skipped ninth version: the transition from the eighth to the tenth straight intended to symbolize a great step forward, to a focus on the Internet and mobile users. In Microsoft Windows 10 was called “the most powerful platform in history.” The presenter vice president of Microsoft in operating systems Terry Meyerson said that Windows 10 is installed on a wide variety of devices of different types as compared to previous versions. Some of these devices, according to the presentations, now includes not only desktops, laptops and tablets, but also smart phones, and TVs.


  • Windows 10: They want list
  • Add tabs to Windows Explorer/File Explorer
  • Make Windows Update a one-stop shop for ALL drivers
  • Kill off all Aero-themed objects
  • Bring back Aero Glass!
  • Persian calendar
  • Pin ANYTHING to the Start menu
  • A new Notepad.exe
  • Remixing the Volume Mixer
  • Drag-and-drop apps between virtual desktops
What’s New in Build 10130
  • More apps now use the accent color as their tile color (Photos, Alarms & Clocks, Maps, etc)
  • You can add new locations to the left side part of the menu
  • When new apps are available, there will be a little badge on the “All apps” button and hamburger menu
  • Some of the icons have been revamped
  • For virtual desktops, the taskbar will now be filtered by default
  • There is now an universal back button on the taskbar in tablet mode
  • The progress bar behind icons in the taskbar now works for every state again and has been redesigned
  • The clock widget in the taskbar has been redesigned
  • Jumplists have been redesigned
  • The Action Center no longer has a border
  • You can now swipe down from the edge of a screen to show app comands like Windows 8.1
  • Windows + C now opens Cortana instead of the Charms bar
  • Printing to PDF is now called “Microsoft print to PDF”
  • Microsoft Edge has been updated from version 0.13 to 0.15
  • Microsoft Edge is now capable of going full screen, where it used to go in full window
  • The Settings pane has been split in 2 pages
  • It is now possible to pin panes to the side to let them stay open while browsing
  • Improved print options
  • Improvements to address bar badges
  • Reading Mode now supports more screensizes and content types
  • The full screen feature in Videos now works properly

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