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Hi Firend, Today I Going To Share Latest Windows 10 Build 10147  .Windows 10 reflects the company’s desire to distance itself from the not very popular previous version. Windows will update from version 10.0.10135 to 10.0.10147 after launching  this update.This is the Latest or Last Update for Windows build.

Windows 10 Os "Overviews"

  • On This newest version Of the Famous operating system by 'microsoft' known as windows 10, although the earlier major launch has been called windows 8. Get directly to The windows 10 reflects the company’s need to distance itself in the not to Popular earlier version.
  • Owned thus, has been reportedly skipped ninth version : the change in the 9th towards the 10th directly that will Represent a Great leap forward, to a focus on the Internet along with Mobile people. In "Microsoft" windows 10 Was Called “The best platform in history” The presenter vice president of 'Microsoft' in Os Terry Meyerson said that will windows 10 can be installed a wide variety of devices of different types as compared to previous versions. Some of these devices, based on the presentations, now Added not only desktops, laptops and tablets, but also smartphones along with Televisions.

What's Features 

Windows 10 :- They want list.

  • Add tabs to Windows Explorer/File Explorer.
  • Make Windows Update a one-stop shop for ALL drivers.
  • Kill off all Aero-themed objects.
  • Bring back Aero Glass!
  • Persian calendar.
  • Pin ANYTHING to the Start menu.
  • A new Notepad.exe
  • Remixing the Volume Mixer.
  • Drag-and-drop apps between virtual desktops.

What’s New in Build 10147

  • More apps now use the accent color as their tile color.
  • The full screen start menu now shows the power and all apps button at the bottom.
  • The hamburger button no longer shows a notification icon when new apps are installed, this is now shown at the all apps button.
  • New animations for tiles, including the added-then-removed-now-added-again 3D-animation.
  • New boot animations for apps.
  • Most WinRT tiles can now take the large tile size (including Edge, Calculator, etc)
  • The smilies for additional icons above power have been replaced with actual indicating icons (and some have been updated)
  • Full screen start is now aligned higher, allowing more tiles in the height without a scrollbar appearing.
  • The window chrome of Win32 apps is now the same as for WinRT apps.
  • The clock, language and other notification-fly-outs have been updated with a transparent background.
  • The back-button no longer takes the accent color.
  • Apps no longer have to take a white icon on the taskbar anymore.
  • More apps have a tile-less icon on the taskbar.
  • Multiple icons have been revamped.
  • All Win32 controls have been given a redesign.
  • The installation experience has been updated, it also introduces more apps.
  • There are new default wallpapers.
  • Propertie windows have received a visual update.
  • In tablet mode, icons no longer disappear behind the Task View, Search and Back button when app icons are shown.
  • Action center.
  • New quick settings for Notes and Quiet hours.
  • You can now set a timer in the snapping tool.
  • Project Spartan has been updated from version 15 to 19 and is now called Microsoft Edge.
  • Edge has new icons.
  • The feedback icon has been removed from the main bar.
  • There is a new share icon on the url bar.
  • You can now enable a dark theme for Edge.
  • Improved ECMAScript 6 support (without flags)
  • You can now change the search provider.
  • When closing Edge with 2 or more tabs open, it will now warn you.
  • Pinned hubs now look better.
  • You can now show a home button.
  • Pinning sites to start is broken in that it no longer has the site’s theme, but a normal Edge logo.
  • Multiple apps have been updated.
  • The “Store” apps has been removed, leaving only “Store (beta)”
  • New “Get Office” app.
  • New “Phone companion” app.
  • Settings.
  • There are new animations when switching applets.
  • Automatic color picker now works.
  • You can now enable features that aren’t enabled by default trough Windows Update.
  • You can now exit the Windows Insider program.


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