Xfer Records – Serum 1.048 VSTi, AAX x86 x64 WINDOWS – AppDam

Release Date: 2015
Version: 1.048
Developer: Xfer Records
Developer website: www.xferrecords.com
Product page: www.xferrecords.com/products/serum/
Format: VSTi, AAX
Bit: 32bit, 64bit
Medicine: Present
System requirements:
Processor with instructions SSE2.
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1
Host with support VST2.4 and (or) AAX.
Size: 726 MB

Serum – is a table-wave synthesizer with excellent sound quality, visual and creative orentrovannym interface with built-in wavetable editor to create your own unique table-wave systems.

Download Link:

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