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Inteset Secure Lockdown 2.0 Build 2.00.122 can be the ideal tool for publicly used computers, allowing the system administrator to change the access settings in order to prevent regular users from messing around with the OS configuration and other options that might make the workstation unusable.The application can prove useful for setting up computers in Internet cafes, libraries, schools, public institutions, trade fairs and Internet kiosks. It helps you lock sets of functions and choose the applications and settings that users are allowed to access.Just as you would expect from such an utility, the desktop, the Start button (if any) and the taskbar are automatically hidden while Inteset Secure Lockdown is activated. It runs silently in the background, ensuring that the programs you choose (the master application and the selected background apps) are the only ones that users have access to.

The launch of the master application can be delayed, with additional options to keep it maximized at all times. Inteset Secure Lockdown is configured to make sure that the master program stays active, regardless of the user actions.To accomplish its purpose, it can disable the right-click menu and numerous shortcut key combinations, the Task Manager, Windows Ease of Access, the system power options, Auto Play, special keys and restricts access to local drives, not allowing the user to install new software.

Opening the configuration window of Inteset Secure Lockdown is done by pressing a special key combination and providing the user defined password. This security measure is a must for kiosk systems, ensuring that the regular user cannot change the lock down configuration.Inteset Secure Lockdown is a reliable tool for running a computer in 'kiosk' mode. It can disable various Windows features, in order to make sure that the PC is not overused or damaged.


  •  Removes the Windows Task bar and Start button
  • Removes all Desktop actions such as:
  •  Desktop right-click menu
  •  Task Manager access
  •  CTRL-ALT-Delete functions
  • System shutdown or log off

Disables numerous keystrokes including:
  • Alt-tab
  •  Alt-F4
  •  Alt-Esc
  • CTRL-Esc
  • Windows Key
  • F1 (Windows Help) F3 (Windows Search)

 What's New 

  •  Enhancement: Improved settings restore process.
  •  Enhancement: Improved Master Application "Test" process. Now more closely  resembles launch process when Secure Lockdown is enabled.
  •  Bug Fix: Fixed issue with "KeepRunningStartInterval" hidden feature setting whereby  it was not working in all cases.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue with "MasterProcessExitDelay" hidden feature setting whereby it was functioning on all master app restarts instead of just the initial startup.

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