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Xara Web Designer 11 Premium offers over 50 extra features to give you everything you need to create amazing websites: Inspirational templates, total design freedom and web hosting with an included domain.


Your ideas
You decide from the beginning how it's going to go: Start off with a creative idea and a blank site, or choose from one of 70 high-quality website templates.

Your design
Edit all the objects on your website down to the tiniest detail. Even templates can be taken apart and recombined.

Online in a flash
Web Designer 11 Premium comes with 2,000 MB of web storage and your own domain*. This way you can publish your website right away.

Premium advantages:
Numerous e-commerce options including advanced search engine optimization and web statistics
Over 600 fonts available
3D graphics (/e.g. for logos)
Advanced image editing
Create animations & effects Industry-specific website templates
Includes 2000 MB of web storage and a domain*

New in this version:

Fixed elements
Easily prevent individual objects from moving when users scroll on your website. For example, you can fix the navigation bar so that it is always visible to visitors. Try the effect out: Mouse over the image or click on it!

Animation trigger
Small animations bring your website to life. Draw attention to individual elements by animating them when they come into view on the screen, for example.

Collaborative online editing
Be a part of the web design revolution: Make changes to text and image right in your browser and work collaboratively with others at the same time, on any device, from anywhere in the world.

Custom photo galleries
Custom photo galleries** Display your pictures in the new Image Slider, based on HTML5 and CSS3 technology. You can set the transitions, and the slider will automatically adjust to fit any display.

Full screen objects
Full screen objects Any objects on your website can now be defined as fullscreen objects. This means that they will automatically expand to fill the visitor's browser.

New mouseover effects
Make objects increase in size, shake or turn when you mouse over them.

Secure uploading
Secure uploading Thanks to SFTP and FTPS support, your website is protected against unwanted access during upload.

More website templates
More website templates Each of the 70 templates contain all the elements needed to make a website: Navigation, graphics and images. And everything is individually customizable.

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 MAGIX Web Designer 11 Premium ISO - AppzDam
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