Mozilla Firefox Nightly 42.0 EN-US For Mac – AppzDam

99.7 MB

Browsing the web, checking the mail, watching videos and sharing files has become a daily activity for all Mac users. To perform all these tasks we all need a internet browser, and choosing one might be difficult if you take into account all the available alternatives to Apple’s Safari.

Mozilla Firefox is an easy-to-use, secure and fast web browser that provides all the necessary tools and features to fulfill your needs, improve your browsing experience and replace Safari.


  • Built-in full-screen mode support and customizable interface
  • Auto-blocks known malware domains and makes it simple to securely browse the web in Private Browsing mode
  • Synchronization engine for your bookmarks,  and passwords between all your devices

Moreover, Mozilla Firefox enables its users to synchronize their internet history, bookmarks, passwords and even open tabs across all your mobile devices.

All in all, Mozilla Firefox is a customizable, responsive, secure and flexible internet browser that can easily replace Safari and provide a smooth and pleasant browsing experience.

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