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 There’s an easier way to upgrade to Windows 10, so you won’t have to wait until Microsoft pushes it to your PC. It does not involve you to do any ISO images or enter the product key, and you don’t even need to use any workaround to force install it on your PC.


Only for those who want to upgrade their current PC

Double click on the file and choose “Upgrade this PC now,” not “Create installation media for another PC.” Choosing that option will trigger the Windows 10 download on your PC.

Make sure you have enough storage space before that (at least 4GB), but the installer will check it for you at some point if you forget.

It will take some time to copy the installation files, but after that the installer will make an integrity check and then you will be able to choose which version of Windows 10 you want to install and whether or not you want to keep your files and apps.

If you have Windows 8.1 Pro, you are entitled to a free upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, otherwise you will be upgrading to Windows 10 Home.

After everything is checked and all the critical files are installed, your PC will restart and will start copying the rest of the files and install them. This will take about 30 minutes, depending on your PC’s hardware configuration.

Restarting your PC during installation will result in rolling back to your previous OS

At some point, at 32% my screen remained blank for like 10 minutes, if it happens to you as well, don’t restart. After 10 minutes or so, the installation will jump directly above 60% and you will now be able to see how much longer you will have to wait until everything is finished.

There’s one more step before you have everything up and running. Keep in mind that the Nvidia driver won’t be automatically installed, so you will need to head over to Windows Update and check for new updates.

It will automatically detect the missing Nvidia driver and will download it for you. Once again, this could take about 10 minute do download and install, but make sure you restart your PC after that so you can change the screen’s resolution.


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