Transition Packs Bundle TP1 v3.1.5 & TP2 v3.2.3 Win/Mac - AppzDam

V3 Products for Premiere Pro CC and CC 2014
The Adobe Creative Cloud is developing rapidly. Back in October 2013, Premiere Pro CC has been updated from version 7.0 to version 7.1
This update contains a huge improvement for video transitions: Users are now able to have direct access to transition parameter controls.
With the coming of Premiere Pro CC 2014, you can make presets from any video transition. Another big step forward when it comes to productivity.
Impact Flash & Chroma Leaks
Impact Roll & Directional Blur
Impact Push & Earthquake
Impact Blur to Color & Glass
Impact Burn Alpha & Radial Blur
Impact Burn White & Rays
Impact Blur Dissolve & TV Power
Impact Stretch & VHS Damage
Impact Copy Machine & Wipe
Impact Chaos & Zoom Blur

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