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Established photo enhancement and management solution, ACDSee Pro 9 not
only stands the test of time, but continues to take on an ever-expanding
list of improvements and new features designed to give users the
stunning results and ease of use they have come to expect from this
trusted software.

New organizational tools, lens correction, elevated chronological
viewing, new ways to track and batch apply any editing adjustment, the
freedom to return to any point in development, extended creative
capabilities through Photoshop™ plugin support, new light and skin
adjustments, and much more, make ACDSee Pro 9 one of our strongest
versions to date.

New Features in ACDSee Pro 9:

ACDSee Actions — Automate with Ease
Save your precious time on repetitive tasks with ACDSee Actions. Record
literally any steps you make in Edit mode and apply them to other
images, essentially recreating an entire editing process with a single
click. Preview the results your recordings would have on any image
before applying. Export your recordings to as many files as you like in
an array of file types. While Batch Edit only contained a handful of
adjustments, you can now record and batch-apply any of Edit mode’s 200+
adjustments. Recreate the end result without having to take the time to
go through or even relearn each step, and then share them with friends,
family, or fans!

Distortion Doctoring with Lens Correction
Correct barrel and pincushion distortion in digital photographs with the
ultimate accuracy: automatic correction specific to the lens used to
take the photo. ACDSee Pro 9 lists the possible lenses for your camera’s
make and model and applies the correction specially formulated to fix
the particular distortion inherent to that lens — even fixing chromatic
aberration. Map this correction to your lens and set Develop mode to
correct every time, no attention required.

Classify with Collections
Group your photos in one place for a simple take on highly complex
organizing and easy searching. Create Collections to fast-track the
right photos to the right workflow, such as printing, batch editing,
sharing to web, developing, or accumulating for a slideshow. Build
hierarchies within Collection Sets for further structure to help you
drill right down to the photos you want. Or construct Smart Collections
containing a search, which you can return to at any time. Utilize an
extensive list of search variables, including relative dates, date
ranges, metadata, and file properties. Smart Collection’s search will
update its findings as files are added to the database — zero effort on
your part.

Photos Mode — Your Aerial View
Experience the entirety of your photo collection by date. Gain new
perspective on your memories by browsing it by year, month, or day.
Conveniently locate your place in giant collections thanks to pop-up
dates showing you exactly where you are in time. View it all together,
or just the photo collection stored on your Microsoft OneDrive™. Quickly
move from this panoramic chronoscopic view to organizing, viewing
individual files, or taking them directly into Develop mode for
non-destructive adjustment, or add adjustment layers in Edit mode for
limitless creativity.

4K Support — Your Resolution Revolution
Distinctive, clear, crisp. These are just a few of the words used to
describe ACDSee’s new high DPI support. View your images on 4k monitors
in sharp, uncompromising detail no number of words can describe.

Snapshots — Your Adjustment Freeze Frame
Develop mode now offers even more non-destructive freedom. As you make
adjustments, take snapshots at any time to save your work up to that
point. Continue to edit as desired, but you can return to the version in
your snapshot at any time. Share your image with snapshots with other
ACDSee Ultimate or Pro users, allowing them to learn how you achieved
each effect.

Dehaze — Taking Your Murkiest Images Out of Obscurity
When dust, smoke, vapor, or other particles becloud the clarity of your
image, look to the Dehaze tool to restore contrast, detail, and lost
color. Particularly prevalent in the sky, a haze can take the focus away
from your subject and overshadow fine detail. Give your images clear
skies, and your subjects the spotlight they deserve.

Skin Tune — Flawless and Radiant
Forget the concealer. Forget the foundation. Forget the painstaking
color targeting and precision repair work. All you need now is the Skin
Tune tool, which targets skin tones so you don’t have to. Avoid messing
with the other colors in your image. You can use the Skin Tune tool to
even skin tone, restore glow, and smooth away blemishes and flaws
without a lot of messing around. No makeup. No expense. No hassle.

Extended Editing Capabilities with Photoshop™ Plugin Support
Expand your creative scope with the ability to import and apply
Photoshop™ plugins to your Edit mode adjustment workflow. Effectively
create your own filters and use them in combination with best-in-class
photo editing tools, special effects, and targeted repairs for limitless

New Filters — Apply Some Magic
Take any old photo and turn it into something extraordinary. With an
ever-expanding roster of brand new effects to choose from, it’s easy to
give the mundane a splash of mystery, mood, or otherworldliness without
having to go through a long list of complex steps.

Painless Color Matching
Pick up that exact shade you need with the Eye Dropper tool. Populate
the outline and fill of your drawn shapes with any color from inside
your photo or from outside the app itself.

System Requirements:

– Intel® Pentium® III / AMD Athlon processor or equivalent (Intel® Pentium® 4 / AMD Athlon XP or equivalent recommended)
– 512 MB RAM (1 GB RAM recommended)
– 310 MB free hard drive space (1 GB recommended)
– High Color display adapter at 1024 x 768 resolution (1280 x 1024 recommended)

– Microsoft® Windows® 7 (SP1), Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1 & Windows® 10
– Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 9+
– Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0c
– Windows Media® Player 9.0

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