Ashampoo Music Studio 6 v6.0.2.27 + Activator – AppzDam

AMPED has released the newest build of “Ashampoo Music Studio 6” for
Windows. It is a powerful application that comes bundled with a few
features for audio processing, including conversion and burning. It can
be easily handled, even by less experienced users.

Description: Your files are now digitized, converted
and modified. It is time to write them to disc, either for storage,
easy listening on your CD player or as a gift to your sugardaddy. Why
not also add some variety and merge your tracks to create new ones.
Music Studios Mix Tape provides fascinating variation and adds new vigor
to your music collection. With full cross-fading support, simply
combine your existing tracks to make new ones. Use MP3, WMA, FLAC, OGG,
or WAV files to burn your own audio CDs and MP3, WMA or even
mixed-format discs



  • Multi-format CD ripping:
  • You can now rip tracks directly from audio CDs to WMA, MP3, Ogg,
    FLAC or WAV files. The files are stored directly while you are ripping,
    no conversion needed.
  • Audio recording:
  • Record directly from any audio source (microphone, aux, line in
    etc.) to WMA, MP3, Ogg, FLAC or WAV files. Here too, the files are
    stored directly as you record. You can also record from multiple sources
    at the same time using the Windows mixer.
  • File organization:
  • You can now rename multiple audio files using patterns like %artist%
    – %title%. You can also use the feature to move files to specified
    folders. These features are great for organizing your music collection.

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