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Being the admin of a popular Facebook page is a thing to boast of,
because Facebook has become such an integral part of our lives, and we
spend a lot of time reading jokes, stories, debates or rants on Facebook
pages and being a part of a group that goes beyond geographical
boundaries. Even for professional reasons, every brand has to have a
Facebook page for better interaction.

There are a lot of pages
on Facebook, offering a variety of content, but one thing is common for
all of them. They have a huge number of likes, because of which they are
able to leave a positive impression on people’s mind. However, if you
have just started your own Facebook page and want to get a respectable
number of ‘likes’ for people to start taking you seriously, here are a
few hacks for you.

1. Optimize Everything That’s Available For Free
There is a lot to a Facebook page than just the name, a profile
picture, and a cover image. Try writing something interesting in the
short description and the bio of your page. A brand’s page should also
tell the reader what the page is all about and other details like the
URL of the website that you have, because believe it or not, this helps
in increasing the chances of your page surfacing in Google search, which
would guarantee more likes.

2. Focus On Productive Time
Don’t make a page just because you think you have a few ideas to share.
This can be done as a guest writer for a big page as well. Make a
Facebook page only when you have an array of content available, and be
as active as you can. This will make your page popular and would also
make it more visible in the timelines of your followers. If nothing, try
posting at least one post daily, without fail.

3. Make Good Use Of Plugins
If you want to share engaging content from other websites, try and
embed the posts, so that the readers don’t have to leave your page for
reading the content and commenting on it. Also, when they comment on a
Facebook page, it would be visible on the timelines of their friends,
making your page reach more people.

4. Spread The Word, Everywhere
When you are handling a page for your company, make sure that you
promote it everywhere, including the website, YouTube channels, other
social websites, e-mails, visiting cards and everywhere else that you

5. Boost With Ads
Identify your
target audience and boost your posts accordingly, this would make sure
that you don’t end up wasting money and not hitting the nail on its
head. Also, Facebook Ads have an option to show a ‘Like Page’ button to
people who will see your ad but have not already liked your page. This
saves them the effort of going to your page and liking it.

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