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You’ve learned how to put company logos in motion.
Now, the challenge is to reflect that same energy and branding using
only type. This 5-day mograph challenge builds your motion graphics
skills one day at a time by asking you to create a different typographic
animation each day. Along the way, author EJ Hassenfratz offers tips
and techniques to guide you through the challenge.

About the challenges

– Welcome to this week’s five day Motion Graphics challenge.

The way this course is structured is

you’ll have one full day to complete

one of five animation challenges.

So use your time wisely.

A couple of important things to remember, though.

One, go through these challenges in order

as each set builds off of the one that comes before it.

And two, don’t skip ahead.

I want you to be able to come up with your own solutions

without it all being influenced by mine.

You’re not fully challenging yourself

if you’re just looking at someone else’s answers

to the test, right?

So at the end of each challenge,

be sure to check out my solution video

to see exactly how I achieved my result.

And most importantly, have fun with this.

This five day challenge has been created solely

to help you improve on your Mograph skills

one day at a time.

And please don’t be afraid to go share your gifs

that you created with others.

Post them up on social media using

the hashtag #5daymograph.

And submit your animated gifs to

the challenge’s Tumblr page at

Now let’s get animating.

Before you get started

– For each Mograph challenge, you can use whatever

software you want to create your animation,

whether that be Flash, After Effects, Blender, CINEMA 4D,

or any others.

You should already be familiar with

basic animation principles,

so if you need to polish up on these,

check out’s animation course list

to refresh your skills.

The specific goal of each five day challenge

is to create a short animation

that you’ll then covert to a gif.

The standard method of this conversion

is through Photoshop, also a popular topic on

So why gifs, you may ask.

Well for one, it’s a hugely popular file format

for sharing animation on the web.

It also adds to the constraints

that will make the challenges even more interesting,

and in some ways more exciting.

Since we’re working in the gif format,

you’ll not only be limited by the day’s theme,

but also by the animation length and the file size.

Most gif hosting sites have an animated gif file size limit., for example, has a file size limit

of two megabytes.

To keep file sizes in check, you’ll need to keep

the animation relatively short,

about three to seven seconds.

And may even need to have a unified color palette.

You shouldn’t be discouraged by these limitations.

Not only do they allow you to narrow your creative focus,

but the constraints of file size, color palette,

animation length will also require you to

flex your creative problem solving skills.

So let’s get started.


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