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Easily recognizable Office, designed for Mac to get started quickly with
modern versions of applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and
OneNote, which combines the familiar Office interface and unique
features Mac, which you had love it. As for the Word, there is a new tab
“Layout” for quick access to features and areas “Format object.” And,
of course, it should be noted visual changes – there are many. Excel for
Mac has got the support functions of Excel for Windows, which were
available as early as 2013. Support for keyboard shortcuts with Windows
and an updated design are included. In PowerPoint refreshed panel
animation and collaboration features with slides. It looks very nice.
OneNote in the presentation is not exactly in need – a very convenient
solution for note taking. And here was the new Outlook support files
online, comparing features multiple calendars (within a year) and got
many other features. Support full screen mode optimized for Retina
displays will be enjoyable and relevant innovation.

Features :

– Create professional-looking documents, edit them and share them access
– Advanced development tools and peer review in Word easy to create
perfect-looking documents. A new area of “details” allows you to view
context-sensitive information from the Internet directly in Word.
– The tab “Design” allows you to control the structure, colors and fonts in the document.
– Increase productivity by working together with the help of built-in
tools share documents and their review. Several people can work
simultaneously on the same document and used a chain of comments for
discussions directly next to the text. Excel – New intuitive ways to
analyze and visualize numerical data – New application Excel for Mac
allows you to turn dry numbers into valuable information. Familiar
keyboard shortcuts and improved data input, such as formulas, and
AutoComplete Builder will help you immediately raise productivity. –
Excel application also helps make the data more visible, offering the
most suitable chart and preview the result of allowing the use of
different parameters. New sections of the summary tables allow the
identification of patterns in large data sets. PowerPoint – Create
multimedia presentations and confident their ideas – Conduct
presentations with full confidence in their capabilities. In the new
mode Rapporteur PowerPoint on your Mac displays the current and next
slide, speaker notes and a timer, and on the big screen the audience
sees only the content of the presentation. – With the new field of
animation, you can create and customize animations and slide transition
effects improved help bring your presentation to perfection. OneNote –
Keep the ideas in your own digital notebook – Capture and organize your
ideas and share them with others by means of digital notebooks that can
be opened on any device. Quickly find the information with the help of
effective search engine, tracking tags, indexing typed notes and
recognize the text in images and hand-written notes. – Format the note
as you like: use bold and italics, underlining, highlighting, insert
files, figures and tables. – Easily share your notebooks with your
friends, family and colleagues together and discuss travel plans,
household chores or work projects. Outlook – Keep your affairs in order
with the help of applications for e-mail and calendars with a stylish
interface and high speed – Manage e-mail , calendar, contacts and tasks
even easier. The new Outlook for Mac application support rapid delivery
of mail, so your “Inbox” will always be relevant. – The improved
performance conversations “Inbox” automatically organized according
streaming conversations, so you will not have to spend time searching
for related messages. Thanks to the new preview function under the theme
message is his first offer, so you can quickly decide whether you want
to read it now or later. The official list of changes looks like this: •
New themes, styles and templates in Word, Excel, PowerPoint. • Support
tree comments in Word and PowerPoint. • Excel finally support package
“Data Analysis” (hooray!), sections in the summary tables, almost all
the features of Excel 2013, and even the new diagram and Microsoft
Equation. Work hotkey Windows-based version. • Word got tab “Layout”
(see. above), improved navigation bar on the document. • PowerPoint
slide show, apart from the usual has got “regime rapporteur” (handy for a
system with two screens or projector), supports animation and
transitions from PowerPoint 2013. Removed the ability to save in
QuickTime format. • Outlook support «Message Preview» and «Online
Archive», whatever that meant. But now only Exchange 2010 and higher. •
OneNote, a year is distributed separately and free of charge, added to
the set.

What’s New :

• Clutter
• Bug fixes Word • Bug fixes Excel • Bug fixes PowerPoint • Ability to
Modernize Legacy Movie formats • Bug fixes OneNote • Bullets and
Numbering Galleries • Share to OneNote • Bug fixes

System Requirements :

• Mac computer with an Intel • Mac OS X version 10.10 • Recommended 1
GB of RAM • 6.45 GB of free hard disk space • Hard disk formatting such
as HFS + (also known as Mac OS Extended or HFS Plus) • Monitor
resolution of 1280×800 or higher is recommended • Safari 7.

Notes :

If you installed a version of Office 2016 with the patch before you
install the version of the distribution, it is necessary to remove the
entire package using AppDelete, install Office 2016 15.13.3 volume
license. Installation • Mount image, run the installer and follow the
instructions. • Option components not (set everything …) • After
installation, you can delete unused applications

Uninstall Office 2016 for Mac
, see. official website

Uninstall Microsoft Office 2011
, see the official website


1. It will work in window?

– No,only for Mac

2. Is this multilanguage?

– Yes

3. Is this Activated?

– Yes.

4. My antivirus detect as virus?

– Just disable it until process not complete because some of antivirus count keygen,crack,patch as false +ve.
Don’t worry all files safely checked by us.

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