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Readiris Pro 15.1.0 Build 7154 Multilingual

Scan, Convert & Manage your documents. Readiris 15 is a powerful OCR
software designed to convert all your paper documents, images or PDF
into editable and searchable digital text (Word, Excel, PDF…) in just a
click ! Readiris 15 converts your paper, images or PDF files into
editable and searchable digital text (Word, Excel, PDF,…) Convert
standard document images & PDF files into a fully indexed,
keyword-retrievable PDF documents.Upload your documents to the Cloud and
retrieve them anywhere, anytime and on any device. Import your paper
documents from any scanner using Readiris 15’s embedded scanning wizard.

Never retype text again
Convert any paper document, image or PDF into editable and searchable
digital files (Word, Excel, PDF, HTML, etc.) using Readiris 15’s Optical
Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Simply scan your paper document
using the built-in scanning wizard or import image from folders or
digital camera. Readiris 15 will instantly convert it to the format of
your choice without altering the original layout. Your digital documents
will now be easy to edit, archived and shared!

Create searchable PDF
Readiris 15 makes it easy to create searchable and indexed PDF files
compatible with virtually any computer. The produced PDF will look
exactly the same as the original image while adding a text layer ready
to be searched and indexed. It will now be very convenient to find the
exact information you are looking for amongst tons of archived

Store your documents in the Cloud
Store, access and manage your converted documents from any computer,
tablet or mobile phone using Readiris 15’s new Cloud connector.
Simply select your favourite Cloud hosting service after the conversion
process and your document will automatically be exported, ready to be
accessed anywhere you are! All your digital archives will now be safely
backed-up and accessible when and where you need it the most! Supported
Cloud services: Evernote, Dropbox, Box & Google Drive.

Reduce the size of your digital files
Drastically reduce the size of your images and PDF files using
I.R.I.S.’s exclusive high compression technology. This new feature will
let you compress your files up to 50 times smaller than the original
size without affecting the visual quality. Your compressed documents, in
standard PDF format, will be fully searchable and compatible with any
usual PDF viewer! The size of your digital documents will no longer be
an issue while being stored or shared!

Process Multi-page documents
Readiris 15 lets you quickly convert multi-page documents into one or
many output files. If you have different documents to process, you can
also combine and organize them into one single file (PDF, Word,…).

For those who use a scanner with document feeding options, Readiris 15
corporate features advanced scanning options that will optimize the
multi-page scanning and conversion process. From one up to thousands of
pages, Readiris 15 will always bring you the solution that fits your
document processing needs!

Drop, convert and manage your documents … Automatically
Drop your scanned documents to any folder folder. Readiris will monitor
them and whenever Readiris spots a new document inside one of the
Watched Folders, it will processes it , covert it and exports it to a
destination of your choice: in an output folder, in the Cloud or on an
FTP web site. (Only available in Readiris 15 Corporate edition) Simply
drop your document in the right folder and it will be processed in the
right format and exported to right place… Automatically!

What’s New

New Interface:
The Readiris interface has been updated to a Microsoft Office 2013 look.
Text Editor:
Readiris now has a Text Editor which allows you to edit the recognition
results in your documents before you save or send them. In the Text
Editor you compare the recognized text to the original scanned text and
make the necessary changes.
Training Mode:
In Training Mode you can train the recognition system on fonts and
character shapes, and correct the OCR results if necessary. During the
training process, any characters the recognition system isn’t sure of
are displayed in a preview window, in combination with the word in which
they were spotted and the result suggested by Readiris.
Training can substantially enhance the accuracy of the recognition
system and is particularly useful when recognizing distorted, defaced
forms. Training can also be used to train Readiris on special symbols it
is unable to recognize initially, such as mathematical and scientific
symbols and dingbats.
New Output Formats: .epub and .wav:
EPUB: is an open standard for electronic books and Web publishing. EPUB is the best format to view your documents on an eReader.
WAV: save your documents in .wav to have the text read out loud to you.
Improved Asian Recognition:
A new engine is used, which leads to better OCR results when recognizing
Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean, and language
combinations with those four Asian languages.
Improved PDF Input:
A new and improved PDF input module is used. It allows you to open encrypted PDF documents (provided you know the password).
3D Perspective Correction:
Readiris is now able to apply 3D perspective correction on images that
were scanned or photographed under an incorrect angle. This function
straightens the entire image in such a way the OCR can be done
Dynamic Zoom on opened Pages
You can now manually increase and decrease the size of the thumbnails in the Pages panel.
Possibility to append PDF documents:
In Readiris 15 you can add pages to existing PDF documents. When you
save new scans to a PDF document that already exists, you have the
possibility to append the existing document with the new pages.

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