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Udemy - Stop Hackers with 100% Free Plugins!

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Protect Your Website While Saving Money Not Having to Buy Expensive Plugins. Stop Hackers from Breaking in your Website.

Protect Your Website From Hackers with 100% Free WordPress Plugins

Learn how to protect your valuable website using totally free WordPress Plugins
even if you are new to online security.

Just how can this course help you?

Save hundreds of dollars others have spent on premium plugins that do the same job.
Become familiar with the real strengths of WordPress and watch as
WordPress itself constantly makes you aware of updates as it works hand
in hand with you protecting your precious online real estate.
Just watch over my shoulder as I install these easy to use plugins that stop hackers
in their tracks! All the while becoming familiar with how plugins function as they do their intended job.
Rest easier at night knowing you’ve done all you can to protect your
valuable property. Nothing will ruin your day more than logging into
your website to find out it has been hijacked by some unknown person and
you have no way to rebuild the site.
Know how to use WordPress repository to find good plugins and how to best utilize them.

Navigating the massive database of plugins and their abilities is time that could be
better used building your next site. This way your income continues to grow while your
property has the best possible protection against intruders.

Making an income online should be fun and repeatable, and now with what
you have learned, it will be. Share your enthusiasm with others and let
them know of this course. That they will have lifetime access to the
information and all updates just like you do. You can even leave your
feedback as a review and share your enthusiasm as you receive your
reports sent to your email proving these plugins are doing their job as
they lock out these thieves.

Now you can get your site up and making money quicker as you protect your income going straight to your bank account.
What are the requirements?

The student for this course will need to have their own WordPress
site installed in order to install these plugins to their site. However
you could also use this resource to learn how to protect other business
websites. Maye even charge people for it?
So this course can be a future business for you!

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 9 lectures and 1 hour of content!
You will understand how to install plugins and how to monitor their functionality.
You will be able to secure your website with FREE plugins right now!

What is the target audience?

This course is meant for intermediate and new website builders who
want to secure their site as best they can without going broke doing it.

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