Assassin’s Creed : The Syndicate (2015) v1.12 + Update1 Repack [RG Catalyst]


London, 1868.
The industrial revolution, the era of incredible inventions.
Previously unthinkable technologies are changing the lives of millions.
People flock to London, inspired by the new features, eager to become
part of the new world over which are not imperious kings, emperors,
politicians and priests of the world where all the money is razed.

However, not everyone thinks this world is good. Workers propelling a
powerful engine of the British Empire, a little different from the
slaves. While others are reaping the fruits of their labor, workers live
in poverty and die young. Dissatisfied with their situation by
representatives of the lower classes are combined into a gang from the
struggle for life. And to join this fight the Assassins, ready to
rekindle the long-smoldering conflict with those in whose hands the
power over London. This battle will sweep across the city, changing the
story. Meet Jacob Fry, assassin, destined to help her sister Ivy change
the lives of millions of people in the new game Assassin’s Creed
Syndicate. Conquer the underworld and head it to make London. Intrigue,
adventure, violent fights – all this awaits you in the new game!

Features :

Bring justice: Young impulsive assassin Jacob Fry is ready to help all
those who turned out to be defenseless before the onslaught of progress
and was in trouble. Empty the children forced into back-breaking labor,
kidnap valuable materials from their enemies … and let justice
Manage street gangs: Do not try to change anything alone. Build this
underground empire – and you will have loyal allies. Strengthen their
positions and eliminate competitors – the Templars should not control
cash flows.
New combat system: Battles have become much more dynamic and realistic.
Reflects the impact and attack – a successful combination of your
actions will not leave the enemy a chance.
Advanced arsenal: Choose outfit for your taste. You prefer to act
quietly? Climb up the rope and use the hidden blade. Do you want to
fight? Then you will come in handy brass knuckles or kukri.
New vehicles: advanced transport system will make the city truly alive.
Aims, dispersed the cab as it should, fight on the roofs of high-speed
trains and learn to maneuver between the boats gliding along the surface
of the Thames.
A detailed open world: Explore London, which has changed the face of the
industrial revolution. Meet the recognizable historical figures –
Charles Darwin, Charles Dickens, Queen Victoria, and many others.

System Requirements :

• Operating System: Windows® 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 (only 64 bit-) • Processor:
Intel Core i5 2400s 2.5 GHz / AMD FX 6350 3.9 GHz • RAM: 6 GB • Video
Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 / AMD Radeon R9 270 (2GB with support Model
5.0 Shader) • Free space on hard drive: 45 GB

Repack Features :

– Game Version – 1.12 update 1
– Do not recoded
– Do not cut
– Installation time ~ 35-40 minutes
– Release from RG Catalyst
– Tablet: enclosing (CODEX)
– Language: Russian, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Czech,
Dutch, Hungarian, Polish, Brazilian (Portuguese), Danish, Finnish,
Norwegian, Swedish, Mexican (Spanish) Language: Russian, English
Subtitle Language: English, Russian, French, Italian, German, Spanish,
Czech, Dutch, Hungarian, Polish, Brazilian (Portuguese), Danish,
Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Mexican (Spanish)


1. It will work in 32 & 64 bit systems ?

– Yes,Work for both 32 & 64 bit

2. Is this multilanguage?

– Yes

3. Is this Activated?

– yes.

4. My antivirus detect as virus?

– Just disable it until process not complete because some of antivirus count keygen,crack,patch as false +ve.
Don’t worry all files safely checked by us.

Support Developers/Publishers…Uploaded for Education purpose only!

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