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The speed and red light camera warning system! PLUS – The speed and red light camera warning system!
With PLUS you receive editorially verified speedcam alerts
in real time. More than 5 million participants worldwide report daily on
newly discovered speedcams worldwide.
 Advantages of the PLUS version 

  • Verified speedcam alerts, therefore more relaxed traveling
  •  Background and Widget mode
  •  Landscape mode, simply turn your smartphone 90°
  •  HFP-Bluetooth support

  •  Real time alerts of mobile radar traps
  •  More than 47,000 fixed speedcams worldwide from
  •  Directional alerts for all fixed speedcams
  •  Automatic updates every 5 minutes
  •  Visual and acoustic warnings
  •  Indication of device type and of legal speed limit
  •  Simple alert function
  •  Online/offline mode
  •  Locations of fixed speedcams checked on site
  •  Listening and radar view
  •  Landscape mode
  •  Background mode*
  •  Distance and direction of speedcam indicated

Requirements: Android 2.x or higher | Internal GPS | Internet access (for updates)
System requirements:
  •  Android operating system 2.x or higher
  •  Internet access for online updates (flat rate recommended)
  •  Internal GPS
Download | 16.2 MB

Nijin AppzDam

Nijin AppzDam

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