VMware Fusion Pro 8.1.0 Build 3272237 + Crack / Activator For Mac OS X [Latest]

VMware Fusion 8 Pro takes virtualization on the Mac® to the next level
with powerful features designed for technical professionals that want to
run Windows® applications on a Mac without rebooting. With added
support for the latest modern operating systems like Windows 10,
advanced users, developers, QA and IT admins rely on Fusion Pro every
day for high performance, reliability and leading edge features to run
Windows and Linux on a Mac.

State of the Art Desktop Virtualization for Mac
Fusion Pro’s leading edge features help you tackle complex tasks on your
Mac by letting you run applications on a breadth of operating systems,
including Windows, Linux and more, at the same time on the same Mac
without rebooting. Fusion Pro makes it easy to evaluate new operating
systems and test software applications, patches or reference
architectures in an isolated and safe environment that is also
compatible with VMware vSphere. Fusion 8 Pro even integrates with VMware
vCloud Air, the cloud service by VMware, bringing even more cloud
management capabilities to the Mac desktop. No other Mac desktop
virtualization software offers the performance, reliability, and leading
edge features of Fusion 8 Pro.

Create Powerful Virtual Machines
With the ability to allocate multiple processor cores, gigabytes of main
memory or graphics memory to each virtual machine, Fusion Pro maximizes
your Mac’s resources to run the most demanding applications in a
virtual environment. Whether developing software, testing new operating
systems or running powerful 3D applications like AutoCad® or
SolidWorks®, Fusion Pro can do it all.

There’s a Reason it’s Called Fusion “Pro”
Fusion Pro takes virtualization on the Mac to the next level with
professional features designed to help users save precious time and
effort for a variety of tasks. Added cloud support for VMware vCloud Air
and VMware vSphere allows you to bring the power of the enterprise
hybrid cloud to your Mac. With the ability to create linked clones to
save disk space, set up custom IPv4 and IPv6 networking configurations
with the network editor or connect to vSphere to create, run, upload or
download a virtual machine, Fusion Pro is the ultimate tool for today’s
technical professionals.

From Your Mac to the Cloud
Use Fusion Pro to connect to VMware vCloud Air, the public cloud service
by VMware, to securely manage and download cloud workloads, or run an
entire cloud environment directly on your Mac, all from within VMware
Fusion 8 Pro. Leverage the cloud to share virtual machines with anyone
in your organization for tests, analysis or demonstrations. Fusion Pro
can also connect to, create and run virtual machines hosted on VMware
vSphere. Download virtual machines from VMware vSphere and turn them
into local Fusion Pro virtual machines or upload local virtual machines
to vSphere directly from Fusion Pro.

Take Control of Your Virtual Machines
Fusion Pro gives technical professionals powerful control over how to
set up and interact with virtual machines. Choose from a wide variety of
options when installing, protecting, connecting, sharing and viewing
virtual machines to save valuable time. You can even create virtual
machines that are encrypted, require a change of password or expire at a
predefined date and time. Leverage the Snapshot feature to preserve the
state of a virtual machine so you can return to it at any time.

VMware Fusion Pro is Designed For:

Advanced Users
With the ability to assign 64GB of memory, 16 virtual processors and 2GB
of graphics memory per virtual machine, Fusion Pro delivers leading
edge features for running Windows on a Mac. And, with innovative tools
such as linked clones, virtual network editor with IPv6 support, and
connectivity to vSphere or vCloud Air clouds, Fusion Pro is the perfect
tool for advanced users on the Mac.

Software Developers
Software developers rely on Fusion Pro to streamline the development and
debugging of Windows or Linux applications in multiple environments on
their Mac. Developers can replicate a production web or hybrid cloud
environment right on their Mac, or leverage Project Photon for running
containers like Docker, RKT or Garden, on your Mac the right way.

Quality Assurance
Quality assurance teams use Fusion Pro to efficiently and economically
test applications on a complex matrix of operating systems, application
platforms and browsers—all while doing away with repetitive
configuration tasks. QA teams can even pull images down from vCloud Air
or vSphere to perform testing with a consistent platform.

Macs in Business
Open the door to Macs in business with Fusion Pro. With unmatched
operating system support, performance and reliability, Fusion Pro is the
ideal solution for businesses that want to run Windows on Macs. With
Fusion Pro, you can deploy standardized desktops to your employees, run
business critical applications that are only available in Windows, or
continue to run Windows XP applications in a virtual environment on
modern hardware.

System Requirements:
– Any 64–bit capable Intel® Mac® (Compatible with Core 2 Duo, Xeon, i3, i5, i7 processors or better)
– Minimum 4GB of RAM
– 750MB free disk space for VMware Fusion and at least 5GB for each virtual machine
– Mac OS X 10.9.0 or later
– Operating system installation media (disk or disk image) for virtual machines.
– Microsoft Windows is not included with VMware Fusion.

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