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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Windows 10 Full Volume N Professional / Education / Enterprise Build 10586 [Latest]

Software Version: 10.0.10586.0 (th2_release.151029-1700) Official Site: the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center Language: English Treatment: required, but there is no System requirements: Processor At least 1 GHz processor or SoC. RAM 1 GB (32-bit systems) or 2 GB (64-bit). Hard disk 16 GB (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit). Video Card DirectX Version 9 or later with the driver WDDM 1.0. Display 800 x 600. For a secure download necessary firmware that supports UEFI v2.3.1 Errata B and has a signature-based UEFI CA certificate Microsoft Windows. To install the 64-bit operating system on 64-bit computer, your processor must support CMPXCHG16b, PrefetchW and LAHF / SAHF. Description: the Windows 10 - the operating system for personal computers developed by Microsoft as part of the family of Windows NT. After Windows 8 system has received the number 10 without going through 9. The system is intended to be the same for different devices such as personal computers, tablets, smartphones, consoles Xbox One and others. Available single development platform and a single store of universal application compatible with all supported devices. Windows 10 is available as a service with the release of updates throughout the cycle support. During the first year after the release of the system, users can upgrade for free to Windows 10 on devices running Windows 7, legal, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1.Sredi significant innovations - voice assistant Cortana, the ability to create and switch desktops and several others. Windows 10 - last "box" version of Windows, all subsequent versions will be distributed exclusively in digital form.

Additional Information

An updated "Start" menu allows the user one-click view lists of frequently used applications and files, as well as configure the application program, contacts and websites. It is possible to fix tiles in "Start" menu, and if the tiles are not needed, they can be removed. However, if users prefer the screen "Start" in Windows 8.1, they will be able to switch to it. Since assembly 10056 can resize the "Start" menu by using the mouse or the open menu on the screen. Newly installed applications are located in the middle of the list of applications "Start" menu, and are not displayed and highlighted at the opening of a dialogue, "all applications", as it was in previous versions of Windows. Applications Windows Store is now open in windowed mode. With the new button in the title bar, you can deploy the application to full screen (if it supports it). Panel miracle buttons replaced with Notification Center. Now, they are available only in the control menu in the application title bar. The new "Notification Center" quick settings buttons. Notifications will be synchronized with other devices running on Windows 10. The taskbar is added to the search bar, the button tasks view (as desktops) and the Center for notifications. New search panel with integrated voice assistant Cortana. Voice activation allows you to call the search team «Hey, Cortana». It can search for and open files or applications, send messages and so on. So far available only for the United States, Britain, China, France, Italy, Germany and Spain, however, with the official release is scheduled for optimization and other countries, including Russia, but only with the advent of Windows Redstone in 2016. The button allows the user to view the task to create multiple desktops and switch among them to improve the efficiency of work with multiple programs simultaneously. Also screen viewing problems can be opened with the key combination Win + Tab. Clicking on the icon will open a network connection in a small window like in Windows 7. From there you can instantly turn on the "Flight" or go to the computer parameters. The updated interface when you press the battery indicator on the battery icon. Updated clock and calendar. Improved Snap, you can open just 4 applications simultaneously and suggests what other applications are running and how they can be placed. Redraw some icons. Also, the window now has a more modern animation of opening and closing. Changed animations when installing programs. The new OS window frames have become very thin, also changed their interfeys.Rezhim Continuum allows to interact simultaneously with a touchscreen interface and a conventional hybrid devices - that is, allowing you to connect a monitor, mouse and keyboard to the phone (feature promised for the "selected" new models Device premium "in the near future." Updated the welcome screen and lock screen. Support Center in Windows 10 renamed "Safety and service." Function Storage Sense allows you to save the application from the Windows Store is not only on the hard drive, but also to the memory card . Interface installation process was updated graphical user interface, but it is available only when upgrading Windows on new build and upgrade to Windows 10. Windows Hello service to log on using biometric data makes it possible not to enter a password on the sites and the applications that support it. Along with Windows Hello, Microsoft is launching a system called Microsoft Passport, intended to replace the password using personal devices such as smart phones and portable devices to be able to pass authentication to enterprise applications and online content. The test version of the 10056 "Taskbar", "Notification Center" and "Start" menu received a transparency effect Aero. All of transparency in the system can be easily disabled or vice versa is enabled through the computer settings. The new application "Settings" in the near future will replace the "Control Panel", which is still there in Windows 10, but with limited functionality.


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