The mythical man month Full Book

Few books on software
project management have been as influential and timeless as The Mythical
Man-Month. With a blend of software engineering facts and
thought-provoking opinions, Fred Brooks offers insight for anyone
managing complex projects. These essays draw from his experience as
project manager for the IBM System/360 computer family and then for
OS/360, its massive software system. Now, 20 years after the initial
publication of his book, Brooks has revisited his original ideas and
added new thoughts and advice, both for readers already familiar with
his work and for readers discovering it for the first time.
The added
chapters contain (1) a crisp condensation of all the propositions
asserted in the original book, including Brooks’ central argument in The
Mythical Man-Month: that large programming projects suffer management
problems different from small ones due to the division of labor; that
the conceptual integrity of the product is therefore critical; and that
it is difficult but possible to achieve this unity; (2) Brooks’ view of
these propositions a generation later; (3) a reprint of his classic 1986
paper “No Silver Bullet”; and (4) today’s thoughts on the 1986
assertion, “There will be no silver bullet within ten years.”

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