What on Earth Happened?: The Complete Story of the Planet, Life and People from the Big Bang to the Present Day Full Book

n What on Earth Happened?, Christopher Lloyd tells our story from the
very beginning of time to the present day, taking giant narrative leaps
across millennia and continents. Along the way, he explains exactly how
Muslim conquest gave Spain its paella, how the Earth’s collision with
another young planet created the moon, how dragonflies the size of
seagulls emerged out of the prehistoric waters, and how the Big Bang can
be detected in your television. Accessible and endlessly entertaining,
this massive book draws on disciplines as wide-ranging as astrophysics
and anthropology and will appeal to experts, amateur enthusiasts and the
simply curious alike. Completed by 250 colourful photographs, maps,
historic paintings, engravings and specially commissioned illustrations,
What on Earth Happened? takes an entertaining and informed sideways
look at the last 13.7 billion years in the life of our universe.

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