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Drones The Complete Manual 1st Edition PDF Book


Drones are one of the hottest gadgets right now, and in this book we’ll take you through all the basics, and examine some of the best drones and accessories on the market. You’ll then find inspirational guides to show you what you can do with your drone, and even learn how to build your own. On top of that, discover the amazing ways drones are being used and how they are changing the world, from animal conservation to delivering packages. Featuring: Top 5 drones – Take a look at the coolest drones on the market. Getting started with your drone – Master the basics and learn how to fly. Master photography and film – Learn how to capture amazing shots from a drone. How drones are changing the world – Discover the amazing ways drones are being used across the globe.

Other Details:

  1. Language:- English
  2. Pages: - 132
  3. Size: - 16 MB
  4. True PDF


  1. Unpack and open the .pdf using any pdf viewer
  2. That's it !
  3. Enjoy !



Drones The Complete Manual 1st Edition PDF Book.rar (13.4 MB)
Mr.Thunder -AppzWorld

Mr.Thunder -AppzWorld

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