How to get access on Blocked Contents By Using VPN ? [Tutorial]

We all know that some sites may be blocked in our county because of some security issues or of some DMCA issues

Today here i am with a solution to resolve that problem and make all sites or any blocked contents visible to you.Nowadays all know to use VPN to access blocked sites but here i am introducing some best VPNs.

There are many software and extensions for browser to get VPN of different countries  but from all countries we don't get same speed.So here i am telling u that the best VPN software is "CyberGhost" but it will not provide unlimited VPN and Waiting time is there too for free version but its better for highly anonymous surfing.And the browser Opera have the new feature for enabling the VPN in it. They are providing unlimited VPNs.

How to use CyberGhost Free Version ? 

1. First of all download and install the software.[Link]  

2. Then open the software from the desktop shortcut

3. Click on the button highlighted in the below pic to start protection

4. we want to wait for some time to get connected on the server because its a free version of the application

5. After the time reaches the application will automatically fetch the server and connect to it

6. Now the protection enabled and the IP is changed


Before Unabling VPN   

After Enabling VPN



How to Use/Enable VPN in Opera ? 

1. First of download the application [Link]

2. The link above is for an online installer of Opera Beta Version [Latest]

3.  After installation open it.

4. Go to Menu > Settings

5. Click on "Privacy & Security"

6. Under VPN , You can see the features of it and a check box to enable it

7. Check out the check box

8. Now VPN is enabled , Next i am going to show u how to change virtual location.Click on the  blue button with the text "VPN" which will be shown before the site link


Before Enabling VPN

After Enabling VPN


Here we have not provided the easy way to get access on blocked sites because we think that most of them know how to do that.This is the best way to get access on blocked contents with a good encryption , Fully Anonymous, Better Security than any other VPNs.We hope you understood this tutorial clearly.Keep Visiting our site to get tutorials like this.

The other VPNs which are giving more protection like CyberGhost are :

Hide My Ass! Pro VPN
Many More.............
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