Microsoft Windows 10 TP 10.0.14352 [x64/x86]


The new version of the popular operating system from Microsoft called Windows 10 even though the previous major release was called Windows 8. Go directly to the Windows 10 reflects the company's desire to distance itself from the not very popular previous version.  That is why as reported was skipped ninth version the transition from the eighth to the tenth immediately called to represent a huge step forward to focus on the Internet and mobile users.  In Microsoft Windows 10 was called "the most powerful platform in history."  Presenter presentations vice president of Microsoft in operating systems Terry Meyerson said that Windows 10 will be installed on a wide range of devices of different types compared to previous versions.  Some of these devices according to the submitted presentation now includes not only desktops laptops and tablets but also smartphones and televisions.

Note:- Please be aware that here we have provided the original microsoft's ISO

What's New ?

  • The start menu has a new default tile layout
  • In All apps, the numbered apps are now listed under "#" instead of "0-9"
  • The ruler in the Inking Workspace now has a compass
  • Sticky Notes can now convert written lists, links, etc. to text lists, links, etc.
  • Sketchpad will now be dismissed when pressing Esc, Win + D or Win + S
  • The export icon has been changed to a more classic floppy disk
  • Sketchpad will now open faster when many strokes have been applied
  • When you do not have a pen, Sketchpad and Screen Sketch will now have touch inking enabled by default
  • The state of the Windows Ink Workspace will be saved for future build upgrades
  • The Stick Notes app now shows its name when hovering over the taskbar
  • The target to dismiss notifications is now larger
  • You can now sync notifications between desktop and Mobile (as long as Mobile is on build 14352+)
  • The Action Center icon no longer shows the number of new notifications when the taskbar is set to small icons
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System Requirements:

  •  Processor 1 GHz or faster
  •  RAM 1 GB (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit) Or More
  •  Disk space 16 GB free space
  •  Graphics card Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver
  •  Screen resolution 1024 x 768
  •  A Microsoft account and Internet access

Screenshots [Exclusive -  Only Available here and at]:

We had tested this in the latest version of VMware Workstation For Taking Screenshots. Enjoy !
If you get any error after activating with the given keys then use KMSpico 


Windows 10 Professional 14352 TP x64.iso.torrent | Mirror 
Windows 10 Professional 14352 TP x32.iso.torrent | Mirror 
Windows 10 Enterprise 14352 TP x64.iso.torrent | Mirror 
Windows 10 Activation Keys.txt | Mirror  
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