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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

UNKILLED v0.5.1 Mod Apk

Description :
Best looking zombie shooter ever that you haven’t seen on a mobile device yet.Stop the zombie infection in New York before it becomes global. As Joe, you are working for a private military conglomerate (a unit called Wolfpack). The job for you and your unit is to clean the New York area and not allow the virus to spread around the world.Download the latest Android Modded Zombie Shooter Game and have fun playing with unlimited resources etc.New multiplayer PvP mode. Fight other players in the Rooftops Arena. Special PvP missions. Tournament and campaign mode available.Customize your character with new skill trees! Collect Intel from kills for points.Play with Improved campaign missions with customizable 3-star objectives.The multiply awarded best-looking mobile shooter you have ever seen.Online multiplayer, extra long storyline, special ops, many unique weapons.NYC is the center of the world's latest zombie outbreak. You are Joe, member of the anti-zombie unit WOLFPACK, a private military organization designed to find, track, and eliminate the zombies and human enemies as well. Who dares to stop this crisis before it becomes global ? Build up your Multiplayer character into a finely tuned killing machine!
Mega Mod Info :
  • Infinite Ammo
  • No reload
  • Can attack from far away
  • Faster Level Up
  • Remove power check when doing mission
  • Massive Damage
  • Stamina
Instructions :
  1. Download & Install Apk
  2. Download Obb
  3. Extract Obb to Android/Obb
  4. Enjoy :)
UNKILLED v0.5.1 Mega Mod Apk (24.5MB) | Mirror
UNKILLED v0.5.1 Obb (160.5MB) | Mirror
UNKILLED v0.5.1 Mega Mod Apk (24.5MB) | Mirror
UNKILLED v0.5.1 Obb (159MB) | Mirror
UNKILLED v0.5.1 Mega Mod Apk (24.6MB) | Mirror
UNKILLED v0.5.1 Obb (162MB) | Mirror
UNKILLED v0.5.1 Mega Mod Apk (24.5MB) | Mirror
UNKILLED v0.5.1 Obb (162MB) | Mirror


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