5 KeyBoard Shortcuts , YouTube users should know !

Hello friends, I am glad to write this post for all the YouTube fans.I know you are a great fan of YouTube.Most of them use YouTube for watching technical videos (Mobile Reviews,Tutorials,Tips & Tricks etc),some of them use it for watching funny videos of pets or little kids, for comedies and more and more......

If you are a keen lover of YouTube videos then i suggest you some keyboard shortcuts that will be really helpful for you forever. The below tips and shortcuts will be really helpful for taking control over the videos you are watching in YouTube.

KeyBoard ShortcutUsage
Number Keys 1-9 Jump 10% to 90% of the video
SpaceBar Play/Pause the video
Left/Right Arrow Forward/Rewinds 10 seconds
Up/DownIncrease/Decrease Volume
Esc KeyTo Exit full screen view


lol ! I know most of them who read this post knew more than this shortcuts.This is the 5 shortcuts that every one should know to get  easy controls over the videos you are watching.

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