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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Keep Alive for Pokemon GO v0.6 Apk [ No Ads ]


Keep Alive does three amazing things for your Pokemon GO experience.

  • It keeps your screen on whenever Pokemon GO is running.
  • It can restart Pokemon GO if you exit out while you have it locked from the Keep Alive notification.
  • It can dim your screen and prevent you from doing anything other than using the notification bar while you are incubating eggs or just travelling with Pokemon GO on in your bag.

What's New ?
  • Made the incubate screen all black to save battery. You can see through a viewport by triple tapping the screen to monitor Pokemon while incubating.
  • Added an option to triple-tap the screen to lock and unlock.
  • Added helpful popup hints that can be turned on or off



 Keep Alive for Pokemon GO v0.6.apk (1 MB) | Mirror

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