OnePlus Merges Oxygen OS and Hydrogen OS for Improved Updates

OnePlus has decided to implement some measures in order to provide users with faster OS updates. Specifically, the company has chosen to merge its Oxygen OS and Hydrogen OS, both based on Android OS, according to XDA Developers.

OnePlus’ Oxygen OS is the AOSP ROM that was initially designed by former members of the Paranoid Android team while Hydrogen OS is the Chinese ROM that was designed to take into consideration market needs, like a simpler UI that seems to resemble the style on iPhone devices.

OnePlus intends to combine the two development teams in the near future and thus consolidate resources. In addition, updates to users will be brought faster, which is the main reason this move was taken in the first place.

Aside from this, the company will surely improve support for the OS, since only one official software package is needed to provide updates for now on.

Apparently, Oxygen OS 3.5 based on Android Marshmallow already comes with some changes brought by the merge. The look and feel of the build seem to signal a combination between Eastern and Western UI styles. The dialer comes in a softer color, the style of buttons underwent some changes, and the camera has some polish and improvements.

OnePlus now relies heavily on user feedback for the changes brought to Oxygen OS and states that users who aren’t that pleased with the change should shift to “stock” ROMs and CyanogenMod, which are easily installed using an unlocked bootloader.

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