The Walking Dead Comics - Compendiums 1, 2 & 3

Compendium 1

"The Walking Dead Compendium Vol. 1 is here, collecting issues 1-48!
Now's your chance to experience this gripping read for the first time or catch up on the tale with the first four years worth of material, collected in one volume for the first time.
Since 2003, Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead has been redefining the survival horror genre with its unique and vivid account of life after the end of the world. Although the cast is diverse and often changing (including, of course, a great number of zombies), at the heart of every tale is Rick Grimes: former police officer, husband, father, and de facto leader of a ragtag band of survivors looking to make a future for themselves in a world that no longer has one. To call The Walking Dead a zombie tale is accurate to a point, but it touches on only one facet of a story that asks timeless questions about what it means to live. It also asks whether or not this is possible in a world full of the dead. This is a great opportunity to experience this gripping read for the first time or catch up on the tale with the first four years worth of material, collected in one volume for the first time. Collects Volumes 1-8."

Compendium 2

"Returning with the second eight volumes of the fan-favorite, New York Times bestseller series, The Walking Dead, collected into one massive paperback collection!
This is the perfect collection for any fan of the Emmy Award-winning television series on AMC: over one-thousand pages chronicling the next chapter of Robert Kirkman's Eisner Award-winning continuing story of survival horror - beginning with Rick Grimes' struggle to survive after the prison raid, to the group's finding short solace in The Community, and the devastation that follows. In a world ruled by the dead, we are finally forced to finally start living.
Collects The Walking Dead #49-96 / Vol 9-16."

Compendium 3

Just in time for the new season of The Walking Dead on AMC, the fan- favorite, New York Times bestselling series returns with its third massive paperback collection! With over 1,000 pages, this volume contains the next chapter of ROBERT KIRKMAN's Eisner Award-winning continuing story of survival horror. Rick Grimes's dream of rebuilding civilization is tested as the people of Alexandria come into contact with other communities that have developed their own methods of survival.
Collects THE WALKING DEAD #97-144/ Vol 17-24."

Robert Kirkman Via Image Comics on The Google Play Book Store


Windows, Mac & Linux

You will need 7-Zip File manager to open the un-compress the files. - LINK
To view the comics on Windows, Mac and Linux I recommend Calibre for viewing, organizing and editing all your e-books/comics.


To extract the files on android I personally use ZArchiver. - LINK
Android has a built in viewer for pdfs and epubs but for the better cbrs you'll need a comic viewer for this i recommend Astonishing Comic Reader or Perfect Viewer.


IOS you need a reader for the formats not supported by apples book store. I recommend Chunky.
To un-compress the files on IOS I recommend iZip Pro.

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