Clash of Clan hacked/Bots [How to build strong base in few days] Trick

Hello everyone and welcome to my bot review!
For several months I have tested different bots for Clash of Clans and I want to give you a short review of each of them!

So let’s get started.
Clash Of Clans bots are usually on your PC and by using Bluestacks
(android emulator), you can login to your CoC account and play directly
from your PC!
These bots are not installed on your phone!

What do the bots do?
Most bots automatically train troops for you and attack 24/7 without
your base disconnecting, meaning you can’t get attacked either because
you are always online

There are no bans reported for using such bots so far and it’s 100% safe for now!

I’ll begin the reviews from the best in my opinion to the worst:

1) RaccoonBot –
I chose RaccoonBot as the best bot, since they have literally made 2
years worth of progress in 2 months. They are the first bot that have a
smart attacking algorithm, a dead base feature, smart troop building and
more amazing features that are completely written in C# and can work in
the background without any problems while not using your mouse, and is
very stable!
They have also never acted illegally against other bot companies and
have maintained a fair competition! ClashBot for example have DDoSed
them simply because RaccoonBot is better, but now RaccoonBot has worked
hard to secured their servers from such threats, and STILL have not
taken revenge on ClashBot`s kids.

If you are looking for a great community, fast updates and amazing
features that can’t be added to other bots due to their limited and
inferior programming languages/technology usage and knowledge,
RaccoonBot is the perfect solution for you!


2) LazyPressing
LazyPressing is the best AutoIT bot around, has many features and updates are released quite often.
The main disadvantage of this bot is that it can’t work in the
background and must use your mouse, meaning that you cannot do anything
on your computer while the bot is running.
Its stability is amazing and also has a lot of features. However, the
disadvantage is that the bot written in Auto IT and is will not be able
to add any more features than it currently has! In addition, the user
interface is very complicated and not user friendly at all, so you will
have to test many things before you can understand the features fully.
This bot is paid and costs 10$ a month.
3) Gamebot
At the beginning I wrote GameBot and ClashBot together, but after making
some research I understood that ClashBot is fully stolen from GameBot,
they just use GameBot code and selling it for premium users. The proof
for that is here:

GameBot is an AutoIT bot which have background feature and its not using
your mouse. It has a lot of features as well like LazyPressing, but the
attacking algorithm isn’t smart like the other two, but they making
nice progress with that and I believe they will have nice algorithm as
well soon.
If you want a free Auto IT bot, you should choose GameBot. and not the other AutoIT bots that just stole GameBot code.


RaccoonBot will definitely be the best and biggest bot for Clash Of
Clans in the next few weeks, as the others are simply too far behind in
their approach and programming languages. The rest are also paid bots
that are using AutoIT and all of them based on same code.

That’s my experience so far and I hope it helped you guys to choose the perfect bot for you.You can try some other good bots like and boostbot etc.

Have a great day and thanks Jarvan144 for reading!

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