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Clash Of Clan Hacked (Raccoonbot)

What Raccoon provide :

Amazing features & very smart attack algorithms

We hope to see you botting soon!

This bot offers the most advanced attack algorithms due to it’s revolutionary image recognition system, which is so performant that we are able to drop spells in a extraordniary smart way (e. g. freezing infernos, raging specific troops, analyzing defensive buildings).
Furthermore we wanted to create a very easy to use bot. Accomplishing the balancing act between a feature-rich and easy to use bot is hard. We are convinced that we have succeeded here!

Test the bot for free!
Visual Studio C# code

Developed by us

Raccoon Bot is a self maintained Clash of Clans bot with a stable infrastructure, well designed attack algorithms and legendary support.

Multiple emulators

You can use this Bot with Memu, BlueStacks1 or BlueStacks 2. We support all these emulators!

Farm Effortlessly

Don’t waste time into farming resources anymore, use our bot to max out your base. No more time consuming, boring and annoying resource farming necessary!

AppzDam Review :

As we spen lot of time for searching bots and now come with a awesome and reliable bot that is raccoonbot.Raccoon has good algorithms for attack strategies.You can plan your attack as you want,no rush features its very simple and easy to use.

Notes :

We got 10 coupons from raccoon and providing VIP account on 15% discount for first 10 members.After registering contact us on we will give you discount coupan code.
So hurry boys and girls give a boost to your coc base and earn so much in mean time.

Register here : Raccoon SignUp  (click on 'skip ad' button after that you will be redirect on signup page)


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